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In Topic: [HH#687656] Error white installing Feng Office in Softaculous Installer

Today, 05:18 AM

What’s the error with myisam?

In Topic: [HH#687656] Error white installing Feng Office in Softaculous Installer

Today, 03:28 AM

Does it work if you use myisam engine?

In Topic: [Solved] IP Blocked....

Yesterday, 10:40 PM

Oh, I have no idea then. I didn't look at your site before I wrote all that. Those were just guesses based on what we usually see in most cases.

In Topic: [HH#113442] Some questions

Yesterday, 10:36 PM

You can reset your forum password here




The forum account and the hosting account are separate. We try to automatically create a forum account for you when you create your hosting account, but since they're two separate systems they don't always stay in sync. For instance if you change your cpanel password it doesn't automatically copy the new password over to your forum account.


Python is already installed on all hosting accounts by default. There is nothing extra you need to request or do to install it. You might find our tutorial on how to get started with django useful




Please be aware that since you chose the Ricky server you have to use python 2.7 with django. On Johnny and Tommy you can use python 3.7 with django. We have Ricky set up on python2 for backwards compatibility for people who still need that, and each server can only have one django version. Ricky does have python 3.6 that you can use for cgi or scripts, but not with django.


Web driver and selenium require a browser to be installed on the server. Web browsers require a lot of memory to run so if we allowed people do use this on our shared hosting our load would be ridiculous. If you want to use webdriver, selenium, chrome, firefox, safari, edge, etc you'll need to get a VPS so your memory usage and high load doesn't cause the rest of our hosted websites to go offline. You can sign up for a VPS at




If you're just trying to use python to scrape some websites, it's probably possible to do it a lot faster and more efficiently without having to load a full desktop browser into memory. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help or if you have any other questions.

In Topic: [HH#687656] Error white installing Feng Office in Softaculous Installer

Yesterday, 10:23 PM

Does it work if you install Feng Office script manually without using Softaculous?