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In Topic: Kind Request Of Installing PHP module Incov

Today, 05:54 AM

Before I install anything for you, I need to check that you have a valid license to install xenforo. Most people don't install $160 software on free hosting. https://xenforo.com/purchase/ Please be aware that if you don't have a valid license to install xenforo you are in violation of our terms of service, and we will be forced to suspend your account. We don't allow illegal, also known as nulled, software to be installed on our servers. If your software is illegal please delete it from your account immediately.

In Topic: [Solved] Suspended: fakharij

Today, 04:02 AM

Done. You should now be able to log in and your website should start working within 2 hours.

In Topic: [Solved] Suspended: fakharij

Today, 04:02 AM

Your account was archived because you haven't logged in for quite a while. We have a limited amount of space on our servers, and occasionally we have to remove the unused accounts to make space for new users. To prevent your account from becoming archived again please remember to log in at https://www.heliohost.org/login/ at least once every 30 days.


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Today, 03:57 AM

In order to enable remote postgresql connections I need 2 pieces of information. The database name, and the database user. You have provided to user so far kotika_kosta. What is the database you want this user to have remote access to?

In Topic: [Answered] Python

02 July 2020 - 04:57 AM

Thanks. Merged.