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In Topic: Server usage limit

Today, 03:33 AM

Can I pay the same amount 4$ (or even bit more ) every month to heliohost and continue using my existing setup in Tommy itself.
I have just got comfortable with this setup.

Not on Tommy, no. Tommy is based on everyone being equal, and if the server performance dips too low the highest load account gets suspended whether they're a donor or not.

We have a new server that we're going to release hopefully in a few months that you can pay more the more load you cause. It will scale from 3.3 cents per day up to 62.5 cents per day depending on how much load your account causes.

In Topic: [Solved] Suspended: hh_nacertns

Today, 03:29 AM

My account is suspended but i don't know why.

Unsuspended. Did you get the email I sent you? I forwarded the spam report we received regarding your account. It looks like spam bots have found your feedback box and are typing in random people's email addresses would be my guess. Then the person who actually owns the email address reports it as spam since they've never been to your site before. Maybe put a captcha on your feedback form? Maybe don't send emails to any random email address that people submit? Maybe remove the feedback box entirely? Let us know if you need help.

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Today, 03:24 AM


In Topic: Error log for random error

Today, 02:48 AM

Mysql's wait_timeout is 28800 seconds which is 8 hours. There's no way you have a maxlifetime longer than 8 hours.

In Topic: DB error while loading email

Today, 02:37 AM

root@tommy [/home/osims65]# du -sh
1000M   .
root@tommy [/home/osims65]# du -h --max-depth=1
444K    ./.cpanel
0       ./.htpasswds
1.4M    ./public_html
22M     ./tmp
0       ./public_ftp
9.7M    ./etc
942M    ./mail
17M     ./.spamassassin
1.7M    ./.cphorde
68K     ./ssl
472K    ./logs
16K     ./.softaculous
0       ./var
6.6M    ./.razor
16K     ./.subaccounts
0       ./.pki
32K     ./.autorespond
0       ./.trash
0       ./.cpaddons
1000M   .
Your mail and everything else won't work until you get back below your 1000 MB limit. You have 942 MB of emails alone so that would be a good place to start. Another option is you could purchase a permanent upgrade to your account to 2000 MB total for a one time payment of $5.