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#182923 [Solved] can i request for requests_html python package?

Posted by Krydos on Yesterday, 12:42 AM

There you go https://krydos2.heli...in/modules37.py

#182921 [Solved] How to access postgresql from external.

Posted by Krydos on Yesterday, 12:18 AM

Remote access enabled.

#182914 [Solved] You must enable the intl extension to use the script. Please ask you...

Posted by Krydos on 14 January 2021 - 10:49 PM

Marking solved as he's suspended for violating our terms of service for having more than 1 account. He's also been blocked from calling or texting our phone number because he called me 6 times between 3:23am and 6:02am and left 5 completely unintelligible voicemails. He's also been banned from Facebook for spamming the same request on 5 different random unrelated posts, and sending dozens of private messages to our page as well. He's also been blocked on whatsapp for calling me an unknown number of times. I just uninstalled the app and went back to sleep at around 4am after several calls. Easily the most annoying person I've ever encountered in my 12 years of volunteering for HelioHost.

#182659 solved unarchive my account

Posted by Krydos on 01 January 2021 - 09:16 PM

Invite sent.


For future reference, the fastest way to get support is to post on these forums, and then wait patiently. I work on threads based on the oldest last post first. So each time you bump your thread you move yourself to the bottom of the todo list. Other admins may work on threads in the same way.

#182505 Suspended: hh_psurbey

Posted by Krydos on 27 December 2020 - 04:49 AM

Oh yeah, I forgot about that guy accusing Tommy of having the corona virus. Maybe Tommy had it, and then gave it to Johnny?

#182475 Suspended: hh_psurbey

Posted by Krydos on 24 December 2020 - 08:16 PM

Does your server have a virus?

That's a new one. I've heard hundreds if not thousands of people complain about Johnny's performance over the years, but no one has ever accused him of having a virus.

#182408 [Solved] Main domain not changing

Posted by Krydos on 21 December 2020 - 09:55 PM

You must delete ahkdev.ml from addon domains and alias domains before you can change your main domain.

#182218 Problem with Java spring boot app (HTTP 404)

Posted by Krydos on 15 December 2020 - 04:13 AM

Are you deploying a .war or just using .jsp? The reason I ask if because you say you're deploying a .war, but I don't see a .war on your account.

#182155 HelioHost has the best and most dedicated team!

Posted by Krydos on 13 December 2020 - 08:00 PM

Yes, for as little as a one time donation of $1 USD an admin will move your account to Tommy. We accept all sorts of crypto, and we may be able to set up a wallet for others if you request it.

LTC: M8QdWjqb6w7xeWtH1o31A8De365NrXJ1X6
ETN: etnjvLmSGH8Adxd82FUZN1bv9ADuGzXeJYbaKscGwqSPgT9iaLzQkifeCbiu3NK7ziV26QmkHsz3X24wFjJ58Uzn3tpgJ1k912
XMR: 4AKvpoG16SWN6oppdymGVnFhuFPAtEQD1BCzkcJ3TJbngPsn4e2UoFwaWRV7bHkQNJLXofhUxJVQs4WGpPar4hqrSYtEQjh

Once you make the donation let us know the amount and we'll verify it. You probably won't need the TXID because it's not like we get hundreds of crypto donations per day so the amount and the currency should be enough to locate it.

#182142 [Solved] war file deployment

Posted by Krydos on 12 December 2020 - 06:37 PM

I have tested this springbbot app in my pc (localhost) it is working fine but not on tommy server

What version of Tomcat and java are you running on your pc?

#182119 [Solved] Suspended: byndvsts

Posted by Krydos on 12 December 2020 - 01:59 AM

I see 3 PMs, none of which contain a link to an ID photo.

#182016 [Krydos] Internal errors and timeouts

Posted by Krydos on 08 December 2020 - 03:52 AM

You're on Tommy now. Thanks for the donation.

#181963 [Krydos] Internal errors and timeouts

Posted by Krydos on 06 December 2020 - 07:25 PM

I'm assuming the user drdarkdk is you. If your username is something else let us know.


The main cause of intermittent 500 errors and timeouts is because you're on Johnny. This server is an experimental server, which means he's not intended for production websites. The main purpose of Johnny is to cram as many accounts as possible onto one server so people can experiment and get their sites set up. Then once your done experimenting you can move to Tommy for the uptime and speed. 500 errors and timeouts are because the load is high at the time, and this is really common on Johnny. His uptime over the last week is only 95% which is pretty normal. That means 5% of the time he has a 500 error or times out. In comparison Tommy has an uptime of 100% over the last week. That means he hasn't had a single minute of downtime in that entire time. This is pretty normal for Tommy.


Jenova beat me...

#181834 [Solved] Suspended: msm

Posted by Krydos on 01 December 2020 - 06:20 AM

We're all volunteers here giving away hosting for free out of the goodness of our hearts. Then you come along and cause 5+ minutes of downtime on one of our production servers. You rightfully get suspended for it, but if that's not enough you make a lot of non-sensical comments and go leave a 1 star review. We don't owe you anything. We're a certified charity that helps thousands of people around the world and we were trying to give you an excellent, high quality service that most companies would charge for, but if you can't appreciate that then you don't deserve an account. We turn away hundreds of people each day that would love to have one of our free accounts. I would rather one of them have the space your account is taking up on the server because they will actually appreciate what they are getting.

#181819 [Solved] vulnerability to brute force attack

Posted by Krydos on 30 November 2020 - 06:25 PM

Due to this mistake, a cPanel & WHM user could be misled into performing actions they did not intend.

This would really only affect regular users, and it would only affect their one account. If they clicked a bad link it could do something they didn't intend to their account. Since it would only affect the one account it wouldn't do much. People set terrible passwords and get their accounts hacked all the time, and that gives the hacker full control over their account. Clicking a strange link would give even less access than that probably. A bigger concern would be if a root admin with access to WHM clicked a suspicious link, but there's only 4 of us and I hope we're all smart enough not to click WHM links from someone we don't know.

This allowed an attacker to bypass the two-factor authentication check using brute force techniques.

Only about 10 out of 5000 accounts even use two-factor authentication. It seems like most people wouldn't even care about this one.

Error messages in the WHM Transfer Tool Interface were not properly encoded. This allowed the injection of HTML into some error messages displayed for invalid inputs.

We don't even use this. We use a custom command line script that I wrote to transfer accounts that definitely isn't vulnerable to html injection.


The brute force on two-factor authentication is a little concerning for the few people that actually use it, but like I said it definitely doesn't affect many. I have some other reasons to update cpanel on Tommy before too long so this will probably get fixed soon enough.