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[Solved] Java deployment failed with errors.

09 December 2019 - 10:53 PM



Thanks for all the great support from the staff here!


I'm trying to re-deploy my .war after the Tommy failure, I've got Java access, I've restored my .war from the backup, but then I hit this error message:


Java deployment failed with errors. For further information please contact support.


Could I get the log for the failure?  What might be causing this issue now when it worked before the Tommy failure?





username: tommygun

domain: tommygun.heliohost.org

[Solved] Suspended: tommygun

02 December 2019 - 05:32 PM





tommy (pre meltdown)








Thanks for the service you guys offer, I really appreciate it.


I'm having trouble re-creating my account after the trouble on the Tommy server.  I downloaded a backup of my data, followed the steps to sign up and validate again, then after clicking the validation link, waiting for the account to be set up, I logged back in to find I was back to the recovery page.  


This one:

"That account has been backed up and then taken offline due to extended maintenance on the server that you were on. Occasionally we need to rebuild our servers to keep them operating at peak performance. "


I repeated the process to find the same thing happens, so I'm reaching out for support.


If it's too much trouble to fix this account, could you simply remove the DNS entry for tommygun.heliohost.org?  I should be able to then re-use that domain on another account!  It's the domain that's important.





[Solved] Suspended: tommygun

26 August 2019 - 05:53 AM

Hello HH!


It's been really great hosting my java based matchmaking server for a small indie strategy game through your services!  I donate regularly and am very supportive of this organization and what it means for internet culture in general!


That said I've experienced some critical issues that are preventing active users from enjoying the game!  Please see the following message:


"That account has been backed up and then taken offline due to inactivity. HelioHost has a limited capacity for active accounts, but we are very popular. So in order to make room for new active users we occasionally have to take down old abandoned accounts. We recommend downloading your backup, and then creating a new account. If you need help with anything please don't hesitate to contact support."


I'm getting this message despite signing into the account as far as the Cpanel dashboard.  I do regularly re-activate the account when I miss a renewal.  Please re-enable my account! Java access is crucial for the use of this service -- a precious resource that I only recently regained!  If you could bump me back into Java access that would be superb!  Please see my post history for confirmation of these words!


Time is of the essence as the game is currently discounted on Steam!





Username: tommygun

Server: Tommy

Web: http://tommygun.heliohost.org


[Solved] Queued: tommygun

25 June 2019 - 03:58 AM

a. your HelioHost username




b. the server your account is on



c. your HelioHost main domain






I run a tiny little matchmaking server for an indie VR game called Warpaint.  It's Java based, and is normally working fantastically.  I recently got suspended and lost Java access.  I would really appreciate being bumped up the Java queue, especially because the Steam summer sale is right around the corner. 


I donate once a year :)