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In Topic: [Solved] Error adding domain. Again... (DNS server REFUSED issue)

Yesterday, 06:02 AM

There you go https://cybercity.eu.org/


Sorry for the delay. I couldn't figure out a way to make it work on my own so I contacted cpanel to see if anything was wrong with our dns. Fortunately there is nothing wrong with our end. Unfortunately, the problem is with the way eu.org does things. The only thing we could do to allow people to park their own eu.org domains is disable the nameserver check entirely which means idiots would be able to park domains like google.com, which they obviously don't control. I'm not willing to disable the nameserver check so if anyone wants to add a .br domain or a eu.org domain they will need to add it as their main domain, and they can only have one without the help of an admin.

But this is a problem for me, because if I always have to add a secondary domain, I will have to add it as a primary domain, that would be an additional problem. Because when I did that, all of my settings were deleted in the process. (cybercity.eu.org) was not touched by me, the main domain change process excluded it.

Other hosts I used until recently, had no DNS verification and I was able to add any .eu.org domain without problems. This verification system imposes limits where it does not exist.


Anyway, thank you.

In Topic: [Solved] Error adding domain. Again... (DNS server REFUSED issue)

26 March 2020 - 06:28 AM

Wow! It seems that the problem is much worse than before, because even the subdomain that I had created, disappeared...

In Topic: [Solved] Error adding domain.

18 March 2020 - 06:44 PM

Create a free account on ClouDNS (https://www.cloudns.net/) and add the EU.org domain to it; point the EU.org domain to their NS; change NS records on ClouDNS panel to HelioHost nameservers and add an A record to your server (Tommy, Ricky or Johnny) IP address; add the EU.org to HelioHost cPanel; change the NS on EU.org to the HelioHost ones.

For this I use DNSexit, mainly to configure domains on SourceForge, or on Github. But I also used this technique on other hosts.




The system successfully parked (aliased) the domain “cybercity.eu.org” on top of the domain “cybercity.eu.org.707.heliohost.org”.


You should be good now.


Thanks, that helped a lot and it is impressive to see how the propagation started to spread quickly.

In Topic: [Solved] Error adding domain.

18 March 2020 - 03:51 PM

I have another domain and I changed your name server on the 16th and so far, the propagation has been ridiculous, it's like I haven't done anything there. I'm also not planning on using it now, but it's still frustrating.


The domain I would like you to add is (cybercity.eu.org), I created a subdomain for it. It is the domain of my main site. But I don't want it to be the "main domain", because it will throw the files in (public_html) and I don't want it.



In Topic: [HH#493773] Main domain change root

16 March 2020 - 01:19 AM

I will do that. Thanks to everyone who answered me.


Obrigado!. fasouza. ;)