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[Solved] Error adding domain. Again... (DNS server REFUSED issue)

25 March 2020 - 11:48 AM

So, I needed to change my main domain, but for some reason, as soon as I changed, the domain (cybercity.eu.org), that already worked before as an addon domain. The propagation went crazy, as if I had messed with the nameserver, even though I didn't even do it. Was lost synchrony, the strangest thing is that my new main domain, was in a much worse state of propagations, but that started to work in less than 5hrs...


I needed to change the main domain, due to some type of restriction that was imposed on the domain (heliohost.org). As soon as changed to (internetstate.eu.org), which in turn works 100%. I had to re-add my previous addon domain, but I can't.

So again I ask you to add the domain (cybercity.eu.org) to the subdomain (cybercity.internetstate.eu.org).

Also please, that it allows you to add my domains without the need to come here, I believe that there must be some way to desactivate this NS check the moment it is added. Because that would speed it up a lot.

Thank you very much, to do so.


PS: I created this new topic, because I believe I shouldn't have touched on a topic marked with "solved" ... Sorry about that.


[Solved] Error adding domain.

18 March 2020 - 02:41 PM

I changed my domain nameserver (cybercity.eu.org) about 2 days ago, and the propagation is too slow and I can't add it through cpanel. Is there any way to add manually?


I noticed that I was not the only one to suffer from this problem. But the strangest thing is that another domain of mine (photoborg.com), which is in Google Domains, took 1 week to normalize the spread, that is, it is not only the fault (.eu.org).


Could someone tell me why? Until this year, I never had a problem changing the name server and everything worked fine.


But recently, it’s quite boring to do that.




PS: The propagation is bad, but for the Bybyron tool, it's OK...

Bybyron: https://bybyron.net/...y.eu.org&rec=NS

DNS Checker: https://dnschecker.o...ybercity.eu.org

whatsmydns: https://www.whatsmyd...ybercity.eu.org