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Google Search

26 November 2019 - 02:10 PM

I'm actually spending (loosing?) lots of time to try to understand Google Search. Sorry, for posting all these questions here, but no idea where else to find help. Thanks in advance for any answer and suggestions.


1. Google seems to see my site as 2 different sites, one with "www" and the other without. Thus, pages indexed appear the one belonging to the "www" site, the other not and as result of this nearly as much duplicates as valid pages in Google Search Console. Would creating a sitemap with all "www" entries set all pages

canonical with "www" and eliminate the duplicates? Should I use full URLs instead of relative links on my pages? Should I perhaps create a redirect from http://streetinfo.lu/... to http://www.streetinfo.lu/...?


2. My homeless site appears on page 1 of Google search results, but not with the entry page, but a secondary, not often changing page. May this be in relationship that the "www" version of the entry page is considered by Google as a duplicate (the "non-www" having been chosen as canonical)? Should I use an "alternate" in the secondary page metadata pointing to the entry page as canonical? Or would the sitemap perhaps resolve the problem?


3. Similar situation and same questions concerning 2 articles about the same social institution. Google displays the article from last year in search results; the one of this year not appearing there, or more correctly only appears there if further key words have been added (in Google search).


4. My PDF download files are not indexed and result in a "Something went wrong" when I try to index them in Google Search Console. May this be due to the fact, that they don't contain metadata?


Hoping that someone understands more about these things than I do. And has the time to help. Thanks.

Directory aliases

15 November 2019 - 12:32 PM

Hi. Can anyone please tell me how to do to define aliases like the following (Apache httpd.conf on my Windows 10):


  Alias /animaldb "C:/Programs/Apache24/htdocs/computing/website/animaldb"


corresponding to the links:

  /animaldb/ => /computing/website/animaldb/


There is an Alias item in CPanel, but as I understood this is intended for domain aliasing rather than for directories. I actually use Redirect, what works well, but the redirected pages are excluded in Google Search, because of being redirects. Thanks for suggestions.


[Solved] Perl Chart module installation

05 October 2019 - 04:26 PM

Hi. I used the Perl Chart module (https://metacpan.org...Chart/Chart.pod) on Tommy before the disk crash. Is there any possibility to install it on the actual system? Thanks.

[Solved] Allu62 Tommy Requests

26 September 2019 - 04:47 PM

Thanks for being moved! Is it possible that good old Tommy is fast, fast?


Some problems/questions:


1. Is it likely that MySQL database restore works via C-Panel (on Ricky I always failed) or do you suggest that I restore all manually?


2. PHP script says "undefined function mime_content_type()". I read in some blogs that this function is missing in some installations; has this changed from "old Tommy PHP"?


3. Is there any possibility to install the Perl Chart module (https://metacpan.org...Chart/Chart.pod); the admin had installed it serverwide on Tommy before, when I asked how I could  use it; locally would be fine, too. If not possible, I could try to just copy the module and all dependencies (GD, etc) to my cgi-bin...