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#176069 Alternatives for ZeroSSL.com ? Getting Let's Encrypt certificates

Posted by Piotr GRD on 19 June 2020 - 06:24 AM

@ sohamb03

It looks that it's using ZeroSSL and also requires being registered.


@ Krydos

When trying to paste LE account key that I've already created in the past with ZeroSSL, it warns me that it's incorrectly formatted. Maybe that's just different prefix?... I'll try to play with it later.




After browsing a little bit, personally - on Windows - I found it easy, quick and comfortable to use Win32/Win64 portable client: https://github.com/d...ypt-LE/releases

It doesn't require any installation, no dependencies, you just need to type the right command.

So it's not web based, I wonder how easy (or not) it will be to instruct some total layman.

#173026 [Solved] Can the Document Root of my main domain be changed?

Posted by Piotr GRD on 11 April 2020 - 08:27 PM

This *is* annoying in cPanel.

But there are two other options (only second one is possible on HelioHost) to have all domains files (including main one) in separate folders.


First option to deal with it in cPanel is to have all addon domains pointed to the folders outside of the main public_html. This is *intentionally* not possible on HelioHost.


Second option is to use .htaccess rewrite engine. Create new "maindomainfolder" folder inside of public_html, move all main domain files in there and directly in public_html create .htaccess with something like:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?maindomain\.com$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /maindomainfolder/$1 [L]

There may be conflict with other rewrite rules in other .htaccess files inside that folder, some modifications of them may be needed to reflect folder changes.

#163494 [Solved] DNS-Problem with Nameserver ns2.heliohost.org

Posted by Piotr GRD on 02 September 2019 - 05:09 PM

(...) Anyways that hardly matters took ns1 is up and functional.




For future reference... In such situations it DOES matter.


If one of the nameservers is not working at all (but the other is working properly) - there is no problem.

If both nameservers are online, but one have no records (or wrong records) for the domain name - there is problem: randomly in ~50% of cases we won't have access to the domain name (website, incomming mails etc.).

#162726 [Solved] problem login cpanel ricky

Posted by Piotr GRD on 25 August 2019 - 05:48 PM

Most likely it's related to the problem with NS1 (nameserver) which we've just figured out in this topic:


#162714 [Solved] Can't access server and transfer files via FTP

Posted by Piotr GRD on 25 August 2019 - 04:44 PM

cPanel, after initial connection without domain name, redirects you automatically to ricky.heliohost.org. For me cPanel on Ricky works, I have logged in. Apart of server being sometimes slow, it's accessible, and everyone of us have 50% of chanses to get the correct DNS response from NS2.


For FTP connection you don't need to provide any domain name, there won't be redirection like with HTTP/HTTPS to cPanel, as FTP host provide the IP and you'll be able to manage files.

#160034 [Solved] /var on Johnny needs to be cleaned up

Posted by Piotr GRD on 02 July 2019 - 08:52 PM



If disk space consumption will be the same as average for last few weeks, then you have something about a day and a half to do some clean up of the partition /var on Johnny before there will be no available disk space and well known errors start to appear.


Currently there is still 120MB.

Daily average for last three weeks is ~70MB.

Daily average for last seven days is ~80MB.


#155309 [Solved] Fatal Error: Cannot use Careers4You\Helpers\Object as Obje...

Posted by Piotr GRD on 30 December 2018 - 05:02 PM

A quick search is giving the information that "object" is reserved word since PHP 7.2, so I think you should rename it in your script or - for now - use PHP in version older than 7.2.



#113512 [Solved] Heliohost Server Monitor Is Broken

Posted by Piotr GRD on 02 January 2016 - 06:39 PM

Hi and thank you. : )

At December 28th my monitoring has stopped for ~28 hours and started working again at December 29th, however from a different IP address. And after few hours unfortunatelly it has been banned on both - Stevie and Johnny - HelioHost servers.

I've noticed this after... two days (because for first few hours it was fine I thought it will be fine all the time and didn't check it earlier), but I didn't want to bother anyone during the long new year weekend. However if you've already posted about this...

I need to ask one of the @HelioHost admins to UNban my new IP address - which is the same which I use now here on the forum - and maybe even put it on the whitelist. Thank you. : )

My "monitor" (and "server time") won't start automatically, I will have to turn it on again. "Disk space" and "DNS checker" still works from different server.

#84698 [Answered] Stevie Server Ip

Posted by Piotr GRD on 29 October 2012 - 08:18 AM

The servers are available under many IPs. Especially the "Stevie" one.

If you want the IP under which is available your website on this server then Krydos gave you the answer. Eventually you can also just check the DNS entries for your domain names hosted in here.

If you need this for online payments then I believe you want either the IP of your website (to find it out read above)
OR IP from which the outgoing connections go through and in a case of the server "Stevie" it's and in a case of the server "Johnny" it's - at least these are my results when I have just tried the outgoing connections with using cURL from the accounts on these servers.

I don't know anything about online payments and procedures and techniques used, so unfortunatelly I can not give you the answer if you need either one or the other IP.

#76469 Wsgi Very Slow

Posted by Piotr GRD on 23 January 2012 - 09:21 PM

Hold on with looking for the reason of your problem until the general problem with accessing websites on Stevie won't be fixed. There is such problem for last couple of days.

The mentioned by Ice IT Support part of the code as is do completely nothing, maybe except using a single milisecond (or much less) of work for CPU.

#75108 [SOLVED] 500 Internal Error Not Fixed

Posted by Piotr GRD on 09 December 2011 - 07:30 PM

Yes, error 500 and for PHP scripts only. Static content like *.css or *.js and images is fine.

And if someone will have doubts about it:
Yes, it's going through CloudFlare, but it doesn't matter. When I call it directly from Stevie it's still error 500 for PHP and it's fine for static content.

#75048 Mysql Database Has Been Wiped Out?

Posted by Piotr GRD on 08 December 2011 - 05:49 PM

But in some aspects opportunity is right.

- PHP scripts on all accounts on the server return error 500 for 11+ hours without a fix - I wouldn't call it "professional-grade web hosting";
- if not above, then all accounts return "account queued" page for several hours from time to time - I wouldn't call it "professional-grade web hosting";
- domains/subdomains can not be added for days - I wouldn't call it "professional-grade web hosting";
- whatever unexpected will happend it may take from hours to days until admin with enough privileges will take care off;
- etc.

"What is written on the front of the box is not found inside of the box. Somebody had a vision that somehow seems to be different from what the reality is of today."

opportunity's words quoted above are true. I know much worse webhosts than HelioHost, it's not that bad, even some of the paid hosts are worse. HelioHost can be enough to do some tests if such script/configuration/whatever will work or not or even for some unimportant websites that are not critical to be online all the time... But no-one will convince me that this is a "professional-grade web hosting", such statement is simply untrue.


I know that this is not possible, 99+% of the people on the world will tell me that I should go and have my head examined, but I would really like to see "on the front of the box" truth, only truth and the whole truth about ANY product or service.

#73659 [Solved] Question About Pointing Dns

Posted by Piotr GRD on 09 November 2011 - 12:59 PM

The IP you use is most likely incorrect. You have to use the IP where your domain name is located, not where the nameserver is located.

To get the right one:
- you can either find it inside of cPanel, in the left column in the row labeled "Shared IP Address";
- or using some DIG - in example in here: http://heliohost.grd...pl/dns-checker/ - find the IP in the DNS records existing on HelioHost nameservers;
- or you can just ping the *.heliohost.org subdomain assigned with your account (if you have one).

For websites on Johnny this will be usually, for websites on Stevie this will be usually But NOT always! Various accounts/domains may be pointed to various IPs of these two servers, especially Stevie has a lot of them.

#73588 Ns Records?

Posted by Piotr GRD on 07 November 2011 - 08:20 PM

@ cl58
I think you misunderstand or don't understand DmC.

He wants to:
- at domain registrar set the authoritative nameservers as: ns1.heliohost.org, (ns2.heliohost.org)?, nsX.some_dns_service.com, (nsY.some_other_dns_service.com)?
- on ALL authoritative nameservers, including heliohost nameservers and that other DNS service nameservers set identical records: A, CNAME, MX, etc. and NS, of course, too.

@ DmC
I don't know if (and how) you can add NS records on HelioHost nameservers, I'll let someone else answer, but even if you won't be able to add such NS records in here it still may work for you. This won't be good if records won't be consistent on root nameservers and all the authoritative nameservers used by you, but it still should work. Alternatively you can use the other one as primary and HelioHost nameservers as secondaries, so the primary would have the right records, consistent with these on root nameservers (set at registrar).