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In Topic: [HH#125324] installation of website

Yesterday, 11:48 PM

He's not asking a root admin to enable shell_exec(). He's asking whether they could install something that needs shell_exec() for him.


Sorry, I didn't realize that. The wording made it seem like he wanted it to be enabled. My bad. :/

In Topic: [HH#125324] installation of website

Yesterday, 11:32 PM

This is usually disabled for security purposes. I highly doubt someone would enable that for you. A root admin will let you know, but don't get your hopes up. :)

In Topic: [Krydos] Problems with NS2

Yesterday, 10:42 PM

Lol. Sorry. I like to assume Krydos is God. My bad 😂

In Topic: Where do I put my Django Files?

Yesterday, 10:30 PM

We don't offer shell (command line) access to our users. Many Django tutorials and installation instructions assume that users have command line access, which may make working with Python & Django more difficult. Most people tend to develop on their home computer and then upload to their web server, which almost negates the need for this feature.

This means the command line available on your computer. Not on the Cpanel interface.

In Topic: [Krydos] Problems with NS2

Yesterday, 08:53 PM

They know about it. Wolstech already confirmed it was down