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Account Suspended - problems with domains

11 February 2019 - 05:22 AM

Hello! A few days ago, we requested the cancellation of the username account: emisoras.
However we have a small problem, in that hosting account we add several domains of our own, and now when we want to add the domains to our other account (heliohost) we can not, because it shows us the message "Account Suspended". even these domains are not free of the account that we delete, we want to please leave those domains that we add in the user account "emisoras" to be able to use them in another account.
thank you very much for the support.



[Solved] Suspended: emisoras

07 February 2019 - 10:06 PM

My account seems to be suspended for reasons unknown to me. can you please help me activate it and tell me what is the reason for the suspension?

HelioHost username: emisoras
Server where account is on: Ricky
My HelioHost main domain: emisoraspe.ml


Thank you!