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In Topic: [Solved] Request to Move to Tommy Server

18 March 2019 - 03:40 PM

We'll move this for you as soon as we can :) I can't do it at the moment because we're working on getting a disk space issue fixed.

Gotcha thanks for the heads up, i hope that it'll be resolved soon. 

In Topic: Johnny Server a bit slow recently?

14 March 2019 - 05:18 PM

Johnny has been with us for many years now, but his uptime isn’t that great. So, I would recommend you choose a fastest server called Tommy. His uptime is better. And yes, you can make a donation, post your transaction ID here, and we will move your account, including your files over to Tommy.


Johnny has actually been faster than normal lately, so the slowness you're seeing is actually quite normal. He's usually worse than he currently is.


If you want something fast and reliable, you need to move to Tommy. You can donate as Luigi said above, or you can try to sign up for free. Please note that doing so can be challenging though, because free accounts on Tommy fill within seconds every day due to demand. If you want to try, registration opens at midnight UTC each night. You can see the status of free registrations on all of our servers here: http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/

Okay thank you for the heads up! I will most likely be making a request this weekend!