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Beauty consists in the identity of two elements

11 February 2019 - 08:16 AM

Plotinus, which is considered as one of the representatives of idealistic theory of beauty, criticizes symmetry, and with that, the classical conception of beauty as well. His critique is based on the fact that there are beautiful things that are not necessarily related to symmetry, and that there are symmetrical things that are still not beautiful: “Again since the one face,  free netflix tech news constant in symmetry, appears sometimes fair and sometimes not, can we doubt that beauty is something more than symmetry, that symmetry itself owes its beauty to a remoter principle? “ (First Ennead, Sixth Tractate, Beauty, 1). Plotinus does not completely reject symmetry considering the fact that he admits that symmetry contains beauty, he only claims that beauty is due to a remoter principle. I consider this critique to be completely justified. Plotinus was definitely onto something. So what is this remote principle, what is more abstract, deeper than symmetry?