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[Solved] Suspended: milano

14 October 2019 - 03:23 PM

Moments after being restored, https://www.helionet...back-on-tommy/, milano got suspended, came back to life for a minute and is shown as suspended since, apparently because of too many recipients on the mail announcing its comeback triggering some automated spam defense. Maybe that outbound mail needs to be cancelled, nothing a suspended user can do.

Thanks for unsuspending:

a. milano

b. Tommy

c. milano.heliohost.org


[Solved] "Backed up" milano would like to make a comeback on Tommy

14 October 2019 - 10:32 AM

"All of the accounts that were on Tommy when he crashed have now been transferred back, or invited to create a new account. If you haven't received your invite, or if your account wasn't automatically transferred please let us know now by creating a new topic in the customer support forum."


"That account has been backed up and then taken offline due to extended maintenance on the server that you were on."


The above shown at logon suggests that in spite of a user's https://www.helionet...olved-donation/ , milano has not been invited back or reactivated from archive yet.

[Solved] Donation

04 September 2019 - 01:03 PM

After all the issues are settled with Tommy, Johnny's gonna be rebuilt on Sparkie. That will make it super fast. Can't say if it will be as good as Tommy (only time can tell that), but yes, it'll be much better than what it's now and with a lot more uptime than this.

For the present, Ricky ... though he's overloaded he's way better than the present Johnny...

wait just a few days now till Tommy's back, she get shifted to it.

you made the donation so that you can avoid the hassle of recreating your account.

For milano also hoping to be resurrected on Tommy soon a donation has been made with transaction ID 32932456AA249893G.

Thanks in advance for the (re)invite, straight back to Tommy, or Ricky in the interim if rebuilding Tommy takes a few days more than expected.