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[Solved] Ricky server extremely slow?

16 August 2019 - 02:29 AM


Is anyone experiencing high load times on Ricky server? Everything loads so slow for me even cPanel.

I understand this is probably due to Tommy being down and everyone moving to Ricky, but is it supposed to be that slow still?


Edit: pingdom.com speed test shows that my homepage (which has a fresh GRAV installation) takes a whole 24.45s to load (Germany server)


on a HTML/CSS only page (very small), Google's PageSpeed gives it Speed Index of 8.9s!

[Solved] Domain not working with new account on Ricky

14 August 2019 - 02:51 AM





Few days ago I've signed up for an account on Johnny, but I didn't want that anymore, so I queued my account for deletion (following your guide).
I had the domain madel.ml as Addon domain with the main domain being on your free subdomain.

Now after requesting to delete my Johnny account, I went and just signed up on Ricky only few hours ago from writing this, with the main domain being madel.ml (I entered it on registering).

Now looks like that domain is still directing to the older Johnny account as it shows the folder listing page (cgi-bin).

I've added index.html on public_html on Ricky account since few hours and the domain still seems to be working for Johnny.

I'd like to have it working on my Ricky account and kindly completely wipe that Johnny account.

username for Ricky is madel1.

For Johhny it was madel114, kindly delete that one.



Thank you for your service!

What's the fastest CMS for personal blogging?

13 August 2019 - 10:23 PM

Hello all,


First off I really appropriate what's happening here from providing such a feature-rich free hosting to providing ACTUAL support with it! That's truly amazing!



What do you think is the least heavy blogging software I could use? I don't need fancy stuff too. For personal blogging. I have some HTML/CSS/PHP experience. I don't like how heavy wordpress is as I've tried it on Johnny server the other day.


Off-topic: Just a small question to make sure everything is OK.
Currently I'm on the wait for Tommy to open registration. I had hosted an account on Johnny but unfortunately it was so slow so I queued my account for deletion since yesterday (13th of this month).
My question is that I immediately went on registering a new account with another email, but from same browser with same IP etc...

My question is, will an automated system detect that I'm trying to create double accounts when my intention was not? Do I need to open a support ticket in the proper forum for this or should I wait if anything goes wrong?