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#185017 Discord bot hosting with Noda.js

Posted by dam on 23 March 2021 - 11:23 AM

I'm currently trying to host a discord bot (written with discord.js). I followed this guide but I kept getting phusion passenger errors like the one in the screenshot (the error id is always different).

I tried both using the bot main file as the file to execute and also creating a webserver (with express first and node http next) that would then call client.login(token) to start the bot.


Sidenote: at first the main file name was index.js but i then changed it to app.js to be sure that wasn't a problem but it still happened, so i was wondering if it's actually a problem not to main the main file index.js as that's what i'm used to call my main files.


account name: dam

main domain: dam.heliohost.us

server: tommy


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