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Successful Fundraiser

08 April 2021 - 03:31 AM

We recently hit the goal for our latest fundraiser! This means HelioHost is going to be getting a pretty good upgrade soon.


Johnny will be faster as we will be separating the VPS and Johnny from the hard drive that they are on currently and moving them both to their own new, much faster hard drives. The VPS will be faster because they won't have Johnny hogging all the hard drive speed and slowing everything down. We already upgraded our network which helps during ddos attacks and makes everything faster. We are also in the process of moving Ricky to a newer faster server. The next step is to use the fundraiser money to buy the new hard drives, and then Ashoat, the founder of HelioHost, will install the new hardware in our datacenter. Thank you so much to everyone who donated. It is because of you that HelioHost will continue to survive and improve.

Tommy Free Signups Re-opened

01 April 2021 - 04:58 AM

Starting tomorrow, 2021-04-02, Tommy will once again be accepting free signups beginning at midnight UTC. Tommy's stability has returned, and the uptime is good enough to start allowing free accounts again. We're also making progress with Ricky, even though we've had to start over entirely multiple times, and hope to have him re-opened soon as well.

Ricky Downtime and Tommy Uptime

14 March 2021 - 03:19 AM

First of all we need to apologize for how long the Ricky rebuild is taking. Literally everything that could go wrong has. We're still working on it and hope to get the Ricky rebuild done soon.


Because Ricky has been down for so long everyone is jumping ship and moving to Tommy, but that has overloaded Tommy. Tommy's uptime is now below 99% which is completely unacceptable. As of today we are suspending all free signups on Tommy until further notice to help stabilize what is supposed to be our best server. If you'd like to donate to get a Tommy account you still can, but we need to limit the number of new accounts to bring the load down. We have also been adjusting some variables on Tommy which should help with the uptime too. If you're already on Tommy please do everyone a favor though and try not to cause a lot of load for a while until we can get everything balanced out again. Thanks.

Ricky Rebuild Delayed

14 February 2021 - 10:37 PM

We've hit a cPanel bug while rebuilding Ricky that is a show stopper. We've contacted cPanel about how to fix it, and are waiting their response. It's going to be a while before Ricky is ready for accounts again though. It's not too late to move to Tommy with a donation, or create a new free account on Tommy or Johnny at midnight UTC. We're still trying to get Ricky rebuilt as quickly as possible, but it's going to take longer than we expected. We'll let you know as soon as Ricky is ready.

Reboot Complete

11 February 2021 - 07:11 AM

The system restart is now complete, and all the servers are booting back up. Let us know if anything is not working properly. Thanks for your patience during this scheduled maintenance.