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#91844 [Solved] Ajax Error When Adding A New Folder On The Document Root Of An Addon...

Posted by mbdungo on 11 May 2013 - 04:39 AM

If the error prevented some critical action from taking place like you would never be able to create a new directory through File Manager or FTP ever again then it would be worth the effort to fix it. Maybe I just don't understand your post enough to recognize why this is such a life threatening error for you.

I think, you understand it well, no critical error.. Because a new created folder even there's an error is still successful created. I'm just a girlish.. And I'm just trying to report the error.

Anyways, if it makes you feel better I was able to recreate the same popup box as you describe by following the exact steps that you listed and not any other way. No amount of recreating your account will fix something that affects the whole server.

I thought, I was the only one who experiencing the mild error. In other way, recreating my account wouldn't be fix the mild error. But it's just okay!