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In Topic: is currently unable to handle this request

Yesterday, 04:53 PM

@Seekier: Game servers themselves are not, but websites for game servers are welcome so long as they aren't those nonsense "free skin giveaway" sites (which are actually phishing in most cases). 


I don't see the error OP mentions though...I get a blank white page.

In Topic: [Answered] Python

Yesterday, 03:17 PM

File needs to be in cgi-bin as well. If it's not, you need to enable CGI in whatever folder you use with .htaccess.

In Topic: Configuring Cloudflare Full SSL on Tommy

Yesterday, 03:40 AM

As for the CF issues, please keep in mind that we don't officially support any configuration involving CF, as it's known to break many of the features in cPanel.


AutoSSL and CF's full SSL are incompatible with one another because AutoSSL will not be able to renew its certs from behind CF's forced SSL connection. The "Full SSL" on CF does require a valid certificate be installed though, and in my experience the CF origin certs are hit or miss. Yours seems to be working, so you're good. AutoSSL won't attempt to replace a manually installed cert as long as it's valid.


Finally, one thing to keep in mind, any time you install SSL certificates, it can take up to 2 hours for them to work (Apache has to restart), and you may also need to clear your cache if there was an expired one you replaced.

In Topic: [Solved] suspended_dermatt

Yesterday, 02:21 AM

You already should get an email when the account initiailly goes inactive. Since you use gmail, it will be in your spam folder (Gmail considers all HelioHost mail to be spam because our servers are often abused to send phishing mail).


If you find and "Not spam" it, you should get them going forward. :)

In Topic: Can't add my domain

30 June 2020 - 02:00 AM

That error is because that domain is set as your main domain. You cannot add a domain as an addon when it's already your main domain.


I've verified the DNS for your domain is correct. Please remove CF and set your name servers at your registrar to ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org, and it should start working. We do not support using CF, and because it hides the real DNS records from our testing tools, we cannot provide any further assistance until CF is removed and the name servers are pointed to us.