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In Topic: Receiving emails at HelioHost when the domain is managed elsewhere

Today, 04:26 PM

The DNS zones don't go away if Tommy crashes. However, you won't be able to edit them or reuse the domains in a new account unless we delete the records manually for you.


Yes you can redirect a normal domain. Just add it to your account, then go to Zone Editor and change the A record. Subdomains are usually CNAME'd to the parent domain, so redirecting the parent will redirect the subs as well.

In Topic: [Solved] XMRig nerfed me ( i was to OP)

Today, 02:19 PM

That happens sometimes. If the client acts up too much (e.g. AV keeps killing miners, poor internet causes it to go out of sync too often, etc.), the pool IP bans you for 5 minutes due to a malfunctioning miner. Just stopping it and letting it sit will let the ban clear up. I changed your assignment to a different miner since xmrig doesn't seem to be very productive on this PC.


Also, where are you seeing $2.27 mined? There's no public earnings report. (Also, $0.07 of TRTL mining is about 1-3 days of 24 hour mining on a high end PC, so odds are what you saw was market price fluctuation).

In Topic: [Solved] Mail server settings.

Today, 11:17 AM

Support for AUTH PLAIN and TLS v1.0/1.1 have been turned back off. 


Please let me know if you need anything else.

In Topic: [Solved] Mail server settings.

Yesterday, 04:58 PM

Try it now. I turned the legacy TLS v1 and TLS v1.1 support back on for exim. Outlook 2007 (actually, anything before Outlook 2016) is too old to support TLS v1.2, which is what all cPanel versions after mid-2018 use by default.


As a result, the proper fix here is actually to get a mail client that's not 12 years old.


Once we know that this is the issue, please update your mail client and verify mail is sending securely so I can turn these off again. I don't want to leave these options (especially TLS v1.0 and AUTH PLAIN) enabled, they're security risks.

In Topic: [Solved] Increase Storage

Yesterday, 03:08 PM

Space increased.