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Today, 04:29 AM

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Discussion of server monitor is that way ---> https://www.helionet...d-by-piotr-grd/

In Topic: Is Johnny Server down? (Johnny CPanel intermittent 500 error)

Today, 02:49 AM

CPanel has been giving a lot of trouble on Johnny recently. A lot of people have been reporting that 500 error. If you try again in a few minutes he usually works. I have no idea why it keeps doing it though.

Escalating to Krydos.

In Topic: Account deleted on Tommy

Today, 02:45 AM

Please post the exact domain that needs to be cleaned up.

In Topic: [Answered] Running Python from Php - Alternative for shell_exec()?

Yesterday, 09:14 PM

Assuming the python can be run in a browser by calling it’s URL and it producing browser-compatible output (I.e. http headers, etc.), call it via file_get_contents() using its full public URL. The function will call the script and return the output for further use.

In Topic: Secure connection failure

Yesterday, 03:57 PM

@rajdis: That's high load. That was the same one I had the other day. I tried again a few minutes later and it worked fine.