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Today, 06:59 PM

They all work for me on my phone and on my PC. I also tried both devices using 2 separate network connections (work, and home via VPN) and they worked on both devices.

Either your phone is broken or your cell provider doesn't support this for some reason. Unfortunately there's not much we can do because it isn't our system that's broken.

In Topic: Latency issues, and network issues, both seemingly because of my laptop?

Today, 06:55 PM

Technology/Internet is probably more appropriate here.


Are you using the crappy router that comes from your ISP? Also, does the latency only go through the roof during gaming or is it whenever the laptop is on the network (i.e. connected but sitting there idle)?

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Today, 05:45 PM


In Topic: How to connect to Home Network from the Internet for an Internet connection w...

Today, 09:49 AM

You can't, because your ISP doesn't provide you with your own publicly routable IP address. You're almost certainly sharing a single public ip with a pile of other customers instead of having your own like a normal ISP. Because you can't control the gateway device that actually faces the internet (it'd be controlled by the ISP and physically in their headend office somewhere), it's impossible to forward the required ports.

This isn't too uncommon with wireless ISPs and tiny ISPs that resell service (I've run across it with rural wireless ISPs a few times while doing work for people for instance). They do this because it keeeps costs down. Due to the limited nature of public IPv4 IPs, they get expensive quickly, and it might be uneconomical for the provider to purchase large blocks to hand out to customers.

In Topic: Can't upload backup or Upload any file using File Manager or FTP

Yesterday, 04:02 PM

Try creating an empty database instead, then use the import tab in phpmyadmin to restore the backup file into the database (edit the backup file first to remove the CREATE DATABASE statement).