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In Topic: About my account

Today, 10:47 AM

It was lost during the tommy crash back in August. A copy of your data can be obtained here: https://heliohost.org/backup/ and an invite for a replacement account has been sent to you (it may be in spam, so please check your spam folder for it).

Please let me know once you create the new account and I can put the space and inactivity extension back on it for you :)

In Topic: [Solved] blocked my IP because i used filezilla

Today, 10:43 AM


In Topic: Enabling PostgreSQL

Yesterday, 03:24 PM

Krydos can enable the pgsql Module in php.

What version php are you using?

In Topic: [Solved] blocked my IP because i used filezilla

25 January 2020 - 06:10 PM

Please post the entire IP address. I can’t see the post IP due to being on mobile and we can’t look up IP blocks by username.

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25 January 2020 - 01:11 AM


 what should I do

Not phish. The reports I'm looking at suggest you (or someone very close to you, since all of the accounts have very similar domains and all came from Morocco) created no less than 7 accounts over 4 days, and tried to set up Apple phishing on at least 2 of them.


Since this account specifically is still empty, I'll unsuspend you, however if I see anything even remotely trying to ask for personal information of any type (whether it be Apple, Paypal, a bank, or any other site that's not yours), you will be banned again and you won't be given another chance.