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[Solved] Johnny performance

31 March 2021 - 01:59 PM

Johnny's performance is never the best, but the past ~10 hours have been exceptionally bad: http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/ Load has been 40+ for much of it.


Any ideas what's going on? DoS?


[Solved] Ricky Apache not working

19 January 2021 - 06:40 PM

Apache didn't come back up after the server crashed again (it crashed and was found turned off, apparently the same as the other day).


What needs to be done to start Apache since WHM and /scripts/restartsrv_httpd refuse to let me restart it (gives a message about a build in progress)?

[Solved] Johnny bihourly stalled

07 August 2020 - 01:41 AM

It looks like bihourly is stalled on Johnny...

All of the accounts from tonight are sitting waiting to be created. Also 1 delete and 5 renew pending and Apache has about a day on the clock since last restart.

[Solved] Ricky Apache Restart Stuck

04 August 2020 - 12:52 AM

Can Ricky's apache restart be checked?


It's showing 2600 minutes, and at least one user has a domain from yesterday that's still queued. Scan looks stuck as well, but oddly accounts seem to be creating successfully...