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[Solved] Accounts not creating/deleting/archiving on Ricky and Johnny

11 August 2019 - 04:20 AM

So, it appears Ricky and Johnny are backlogged on account management. Both are showing tons of accounts waiting for create/delete/archive/inactivation...


I can't see how Tommy would cause accounts to stop processing on the other servers, but I'm wondering if the Eddie reboot caused bihourly to hang on those servers or something.


Can this be looked at?

[Solved] Account renew failed

11 August 2019 - 04:14 AM

For some reason it appears nobody's account is creating. I'll ask to see what's going on since it's not just you. There's 53 accounts just like yours that are still waiting, some are 2 days old now...


Follow this topic for the issue causing your account to not create. https://www.helionet...cky-and-johnny/


Also, I did manage to find your old account (was under a different username and email). Would you rather me restore that instead of waiting for the new one to create?

[Solved] Tommy /tmp full

19 July 2019 - 12:26 PM

Looks like Tommy's /tmp is full...lots of applications throwing No Space Left on Device when trying to save into it at the moment.


If anyone has applications that are suddenly throwing unexplained 500 errors, especially during file uploads or database operations, this is the likely cause. The errors will correct once the space has been freed.

[Solved] Tommy Apache

30 June 2019 - 01:49 AM

Tommy's Apache seems to be behaving oddly...it's working, but it's not restarting to configure domains/SSL/etc. like it should. Last restart was about 8 hours ago as of this post.


I ran AutoSSL for someone and it didn't restart after succeeding at installing a certificate and setting up SSL, so he's seeing the nossl page despite now having SSL configured correctly. Also, I added a subdomain for testing and it never completed setup (ended up with a queued page...)


I also can't restart it manually. The ACP status page is blank when visited, and WHM refuses to let me restart it from there (says a build is in progress and restarting it would break it)?


EDIT: I also just noticed that new Tommy accounts aren't even being created. Did bihourly hang due to the massive load earlier during the outage?