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Any Minecraft players or server ops around here?

23 October 2018 - 03:33 PM

So...I regularly see people setting up Minecraft websites on our service, and I'm curious to see how many of our other users actively play Minecraft or run Minecraft servers. I run a quiet modded server myself (called Acmine) that focuses on what basically amounts to over-engineering and complex machine-building.


I'm both looking for players myself and interested in seeing what others have built. :)

Ricky Blacklisted for Phishing Email

17 October 2018 - 12:29 PM

Got a PM this morning about Ricky being blacklisted...looks like he earned himself a place on a few spam blacklists recently: https://mxtoolbox.co...rg&run=toolpage :( It's also on CloudMark (used by RoadRunner and a few others).


Most of the spam seems to be coming from a single source. The user in question signs up several times a week and promptly sends phishing mail. The emails and usernames are obvious phishing indicators (finance_office, treasurydept, etc.), and an ls of his mail folders shows tons of delivery failure messages for his phishing mails in the inbox.


Can we find a way to put an end to this and get Ricky off the blacklist?


EDIT: @Krydos: Turns out this particular phishing source was an issue last year too. Details in the mod board.

[Solved] Ricky down

02 October 2018 - 09:49 AM

Looks like Ricky just disappeared sometime last night. Can this be looked at?

I suspect it might be null routed for failure to remove phishing...I did see two abuse reports with related null route notices last night for it.

Free Domain Requests (400 Posts Required)

01 October 2018 - 11:57 AM

HelioHost offers free 1 year registration on domains for users who are active users of our service and productive members of our community  :) 


To get a domain registered, you must have the following qualifications:
1) You must have been a member of HelioNet for at least three months.
2) You must have at least 400 posts. No Exceptions! 

For every new domain or domain renewal (domains must be renewed yearly) you request, you must have 400 posts. For instance, you may register a single free domain when you have 400 posts, but you will have to have another 400 posts (for a total of 800 posts) in order to renew it the following year. Similarly, if you want to register a second domain you will need to have at least 800 posts, assuming you haven't yet renewed your first domain.

If you have met the above requirements, you may initiate a free domain request here.


Make sure that this domain has not been registered yet! To do this, execute a simple WhoIs search for your desired domain.

Include the following information in your thread:
1) Your full legal name
2) Your email
3) Your home street address
4) Your city, state/province (if applicable), zip/postal code, and country of residence
5) A daytime phone number where you can be reached, including country code (+1 for the USA)
6) Your organization (if applicable)

7) The domain you want to register.
8) The HelioHost account you want this domain to be pointed to.

All the above information is required due to ICANN restrictions.


If you are uncomfortable posting this information on our forum, please PM it to a Root Admin and post in this topic letting us know that it has been sent by PM so we can check our PMs for it. Be advised, however, that WHOIS information is public, and anybody can look up your information by running a WHOIS search on your domain.


Wiki Access Requests

01 October 2018 - 11:50 AM

Please use this topic to request Wiki access.




To get wiki access, you must have the following qualifications:

1) You must have been a member of HelioNet for at least 2 weeks.
2) You must have at least 20 posts.

If you have met these qualifications, follow these instructions:

1) Create an account at http://wiki.helionet.org/
2) Post in this topic, including the following information in your post:
a. Your HelioNet account name (again).
b. Your Wiki Account name.

c. The reason you want Wiki access.