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In Topic: BforArtists free 3D Modeling Soft with PDF Guide

25 April 2021 - 12:54 AM

Yup BforArtists is a great 3d modeling software based on Blender. The only thing that i would like is that BforArtists as Blender have once again the "export" and "import" (ms3d "Milkshape3d") addon plugin; like they have in the Blender version 2.66. This because even if peoples think that the modeling software Milkshape3d is gone. I can assure that it is very used for the software Futurepinball; this because into this software peoples can create there own pinball games and import "ms3d" models into. Also creating some models with Milkshape3d is less heavy in "mb" (mega-bytes). Of course it depend of the number of polygones the model have.


I even have created a free pdf guide about creating basic models with Milkshape3d, this thank's to Mete Ciragan that have writen me a e-mail; telling his acceptance that i do printscreens of the software Milkshape3d. Here is the link to the free (no profits) basic pdf guide i have done:




I have created many free pdf guides on some softwares. The thank's goes not much to me, it goes more to the peoples and websites that have givin me there authorizations and permissions that i do printscreens images of there softwares in my e-mail. With it i could create theses free (no profits) pdf guides.



In Topic: Successful Fundraiser

25 April 2021 - 12:36 AM

I'm glad to have contributed as other peoples here. A+

In Topic: [Solved] Donation

03 October 2020 - 07:47 PM

Do you think it could be a great idea that on Helionet forum there would be a section: "Peoples hosted with more then 10 years with US" You could talk about this idea of mine with other moderators and admins


It might even make peoples wanting to be into this section. Like on some arcade games, wanting to be into the score list; lolll. That could be administrated by moderators and admins, maybe some "pinned" section of the forum. Or some automatic system programming that make the url address as: https://sylvain.heliohost.org , be into this forum section.


And the "Sub text description" of the Title (Peoples with more than 10 years hosted with US) could be as: "Do your website url will reach more then 10 years, to be into the list of peoples hosted with us?" Some kind of reach out goal, to be into this forum url list section. Some kind of pride to be with you, and the goal is to reach it; to show the url web domain into this forum section for peoples to see. Giving more peoples, more visibility.


This could make peoples wanting to be with you. Wanting there url shown in the section. Even might encourage donators.



In Topic: [Solved] Donation

03 October 2020 - 07:03 PM

Wow January 2010! That mean more then 10 years already.


I knew it is many years i'm with Heliohost. It's not making me younger. Loll

I feel like if i was a very old 90 years man veteran, walking with a cane and some back problems. Lollll


I wonder if there is peoples that are with Heliohost and Helionet more then 10 years?

It might be a good idea to have some place on Helionet forum that could be called as:

"Peoples with more then 10 years hosted with US"

And that my url: https://sylvain.heliohost.org , would be into the list.

Because this could make new peoples more interrested, to be with Helionet and Heliohost (a good suggestion).

It could indicate to new peoples, great support, great service and great stability.


I always had http://sylvain.heliohost.org

But in some time when the server had some problems, i wanted to have my same domain name on an other server; but the domain name was somehow stuck. So i have choosen http://sfavron.heliohost.org. And i indicated that when my domain name unfreeze to keep it for me. So like that the peoples that know my domain name wont be on some other pages that is not mine. Its great with the "S" in the http as: https://sylvain.heliohost.org


Well i can testify that for more then 10 years with Heliohost and Helionet, stability and great support with service.



In Topic: [Solved] Donation

03 October 2020 - 02:36 PM

Krydos i dont remember what is the month and year i have subscribed to heliohost? Could you please refresh me i'm with Heliohost please? So like that i could maybe put some page writen as: (I'm with heliohost since XX XXXX). But it must be many years that's for sure i think i'm with Heliohost. Because indicating from what time i'm with heliohost, it could maybe bring more peoples with Heliohost; and by the same time more donations.


Thank's Krydos for having rised my space, because i think to create my website that have two. Well an english version and a french version of my site Loll. This beside put some peoples friendly websites into mine.


When i have time i still try to find free stuff for the peoples that goes on my website and content that bring interrest into peoples. One thing for sure my free pdf guides about some softwares is very popular that my stats shows.


Beside many peoples, i am not much. The thank's goes more to the peoples that have helped me trough time. Without all of you and the peoples free help, my website would not be much.


Once again many sincere thank's to all.