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#163951 [Answered] Do you have a postal mail box for donation?

Posted by sylvain on 12 September 2019 - 08:25 AM

Sohamb03 , just letting you know that ive send you a PM message.





It's normal for me to say and give my thank's and appreciations. I never know if one day i could be accidently hit by a car or truck or what ever accident that could make me d ie. I want to be known as a person that sincerely appreciated peoples and make good things for peoples.



#163446 [Answered] Do you have a postal mail box for donation?

Posted by sylvain on 02 September 2019 - 12:00 PM

It sad because i know that i can send from my postal office, not today but i would say thursday when i get my job payment money; then send 50$ USD. Also by Canada Post, there are very strict about making a postal check, they only do money check by Debit Card, (Not by Credit Card) or by Cash. This to ensure them there is some money on the line. They calculate the currency, calculate of course the weight of the letter with the postal check in it, plus i ask to have some tracking number when i send some money this guarantee my self that it is going to destination.


I have buyed softwares like this, i had the informations to put on the check, put the amount on the check; and the tracking number to follow the money. I have seen on the television, that some people can just by taking a picture with there cell phone of a money check deposit it in there account. But dont know if it is possible with a http://www.canadapost.ca money check?


I could even trough time maybe send 100$ USD to help Heliohost. It's not that i dont want to give some donations trough time once a while, also i really like you guys very much! I know that it is just some words composed of letters here, but i really do like you guys! I know if one of you where in my city i would invite him/her and ask for delivering some pizza or something to eat from my heart you know.


You where always there for me and helped me with my free website http://sylvain.heliohost.org , this when in time i have asked peoples before i knew Heliohost; there was no one there for me as you are. So i can say with my heart that you are great peoples and if peoples read this and it bring to you more donations then im pleased and happy with it.


I had a difficult life, ok i know that there are peoples that have worst then my self. But if you think of each lifes, if peoples did not help them and help them to rise in good ways; there lifes would be not the same today. Like me if it was not from you that helped me, and the company's that i have helped free and believe in me; i'm pretty sure that my life would be different today. An example is the company TemplateToaster.com i have fiew month's ago created a free pdf guide for them; google searchable with: "templatetoaster free tt mini pdf guide". The company even commented about this free pdf guide i have writen and created for them free.


Like i say i really like you guys, you are great and fantastic peoples for me!


I would like to send you 50$ USD of a postal money check to help Heliohost and for your hardware and your self, but not today since i have my payments; i prefer to be honest rather being a person that would say lies. Still i found sad that that i cant trough mail. I'm sure that i'm not the only one on earth that prefere this way. That's the way i have payed an old version of the software templatetoaster and others. If some Root Admin ask templatetoaster and mention about my free tt mini pdf guide, brief ask about my self; i'm sure you would figure out the way i have send to them money to buy there software.


Well i'll just have to wait that Tommy is back online and that i have once more my primary domain name: http://sylvain.heliohost.org for my self and for the peoples that know my domain name.


Once again thank's to you all, for your time and help from all my heart!



#153000 [Solved] Tommy Accounts Inactive

Posted by sylvain on 22 September 2018 - 12:44 PM

Possibly because they have server problem's?




One thing for sure it's been years i'm with Heliohost and i love it.


This beside the administrators, moderators and others that i like very much.


I hope it will be fixed soon.


I have changed a section of my site, that have been made for my friends, for my self; and the visitors that go see my personnal free website.