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High Server Load

19 January 2019 - 10:08 AM



I've been around HelioHost for a few years now under a few different forum user names. I've used HelioHost for some personal stuff and to host an event registration service for a charity that I work for. We are about to publish a registration form for an upcoming event and I'm slightly nervous about doing it because Tommy's server load is the highest I've ever seen it and I'd father not have a massive crash while we accept event registrations. Tommy just went down for half an hour as I was getting ready to open registrations. See below:


Attached File  Capture.PNG   2.93K   15 downloads

Attached File  Capture.PNG   38.96K   21 downloads



Believe me, I know that this service is free and I'm getting what I pay for. Your service is absolutely fantastic!! It lets me learn about web design while saving my charity money (We would pay for hosting of the registration system if we could).


This post is in no way meant to be a criticism, I'm just curious to see if you know why the load was so high and what the likelihood of it being a regular occurrence is?


I've also seen this question asked many times before but what does the load figure actually represent? I thought accounts started getting suspended when the overall server load exceeded 20?


Thanks for your time, Keep on being awesome!


Softaculous not showing available update

09 September 2018 - 08:02 AM



I have a piece of software installed via Softaculous that I know needs an update (Softaculous also shows that the most recent version available for installation is a more recent version than the one I have installed) yet, the update is not showing up in my available updates list.


Is HelioHost able to help with this or should I contact Softaculous directly?