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In Topic: [Solved] Email and CPU Limits

07 January 2019 - 01:22 AM

@Krydos: Thank you.


@icn: There's no "sendmail" on the functions list in the PHP manual, so that must be using one of the 3rd party libraries. I've noted a few, such as the Mail package in PEAR and PHPMailer. I try to avoid using libraries/packages to make to site easier to test and maintain, but I'll probably end up using one for this at some point.

In Topic: [Solved] Email and CPU Limits

05 January 2019 - 12:30 PM

Thanks, I'll consider using 3rd party Email libraries later but for now that adds up to (100*3)+75+200 = 575 as my desired Email limit, going on what I wrote before. Can I request here for my limit to be raised to 600?


I might do the image conversions manually for starters. If the threshold is flexible that makes it a bit hard to be confident, it could work all the time during testing then one day someone uploads a large image while there happens to be high load and suddenly I'm kicked out. Though limiting the upload size to 1 or 2MB might prevent the worst cases.

In Topic: Write A Wikipedia.org Article About Us

04 January 2019 - 03:32 AM

They must not have liked the two news articles that have been written about us recently. The next time someone writes another news article we'll try again I suppose.


 I think the articles were too low key to meet their standards. Basically they might say "so they're a web host, and people write about them on websites about web hosts, big deal". I get the impression that HelioHost would have to get mentioned on some of the major news sites in articles which discuss it specifically. The likes of arstechnica.com and theregister.co.uk may be the bare minimum level of "mainstream" for an article there to be considered justification to add a page to Wikipedia (note that I don't agree that this is right, I think Wikipedia should be much more open to specific and slightly obscure pages, but I guess I'm always free to go set up my own user-contribution website...).

Nevertheless I thought that HelioHost's funding model was unique enough that it made HelioHost obviously notable, which is why I thought the article could be accepted regardless of the limited references. It looks like Wikipedia editors aren't that flexible, but I still think that HelioHost is notable, and that just has to be reflected in the press before it can make it to Wikipedia.

Perhaps HelioHost needs to take some hints from the tech start-up companies. I'm no PR expert, but it seems that things like the crypto-currency miner might have been a lost opportunity for making some noise in the direction of the major online tech news sites. Even the recent issue with Google pulling ads from the Heliohost pages, which I read buried in a recent forum thread, could have been (still is?) worthy of interesting articles in the press. "People's web host cut adrift by Google" or something like that.

The key thing here is that the journalists who write these articles are generally lazy. Press releases are put out by the start-up companies and largely ripped by the small sites with as few modifications as the journalist involved thinks they can get away with. Ideally though, the attention from that filters up the the more respectable sites. To this end, a "press" section of the HelioHost website with background info and recent press releases may be a good help. And of course those press releases would be Emailed to all the relevant news sites as they were published.

Anyway, that's just some of my thoughts. Of course getting on major news sites might itself be more helpful than having a Wikipedia page anyway. The reason I began this post was actually entirely different, I just wanted to point out that I've transcribed the Wikipedia page that I wrote into HTML and put it on my website so that at least it might get the occasional view by the wider world rather than just sit hidden in Wikpedia Drafts until someone eventually deletes it:

In Topic: Write A Wikipedia.org Article About Us

25 December 2018 - 11:15 PM

Well the article was rejected for not being notable enough - they're even more picky than I thought.


I'm giving up at this point, but if someone else wants to get that other reference link approved for inclusion, find more references, argue with Wikipedia editors, etc. they're welcome.

In Topic: Write A Wikipedia.org Article About Us

14 December 2018 - 02:35 AM

Thanks Krydos, I've added the logo and some other info, including some more references to HelioHost pages for things that probably needed to be confirmed.


I don't want to add references to the HelioNet Wiki because it probably breaks some Wikipedia rule and also might look a bit suspicious to the Wikipedia editors (if I had Wiki access, I could be referencing myself).


I'll probably should get around to setting up a proper Wikipedia account at some point too...