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[Solved] Ricky to Tommy Move

23 September 2019 - 08:37 AM


Temporary Ricky User: cnk2
Old Tommy user: cnk
Domain: computernerdkev.heliohost.org
Sub-Domain: antihttps.com
Sub-Domain: ombertech.com

The email address used to register the Ricky account was different to the Tommy account.

As a donor, I got the invite to the restored Tommy server. However the site says that computernerdkev.heliohost.org is not available (presumably because I'm still using the Ricky account).

What is the best way to move from Ricky to Tommy and keep the existing domains?


It would be ideal if an admin could copy the contents of my cnk2 home dir. to cnk on Tommy, then delete the Ricky account before setting up the domains with the Tommy account. Or else I could restore from backup (already made) from my end, so long as I know that the domains will be able to be linked to the new Tommy account.

Thank you.


HelioHost News RSS Feed Down

14 August 2019 - 01:33 AM



I use the forum's RSS feed feature to keep up with new posts in the "News" forum, but it seems to have stopped being updated. The latest post is currently "Reboot Eddie", so it's missing the latest four threads.

[Solved] Another Tommy to Ricky Move

14 August 2019 - 01:28 AM


I may have stuffed up the system by deciding to create a new account before looking though some of the more recent forum posts describing the process for donation users.

Original "Tommy" account details:

user: cnk
main domain: computernerdkev.heliohost.org
Sub-Domains: ombertech.com, antihttps.com
email: Well I'd prefer not to put that one out in public, but it's @safe-mail.net, which might narrow things down enough anyway.

Donation "Perks": 2000MB storage, 4 months account expiry immunity (as I remember it)

The "Create Account" page wouldn't let me reuse, "cnk", so I registered "cnk2", but would prefer "cnk" to avoid any trouble with changing the account name (quite a lot of custom PHP scripts, and you never know how unwisely I might have written some of them :), also possible permissions problems). It did let me reuse "computernerdkev.heliohost.org", and the email address.

Now, over an hour after the website said that the account was in queue to be created, it's saying "There is no account in our database that matches that username". Gah!

So can I please have my old account details configured on Ricky. I'll dig through the PayPal history now and try to find the transaction ID of my last donation (via GoFundMe, so I'm not sure who it will say the receiver was), will post it once I've found it.

In terms of backups, I should have copies of everything except some recent user-contributed stuff which I'll want to get from the Tommy backups when they're available. I think I'll just make a temporary set up then wipe it out with the Tommy backup when that's ready. Or if it's going to be ready any minute now, please tell me and it will save a lot of wasted time!