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#101690 [Solved] Suspended: Alex

Posted by jje on 09 April 2014 - 08:34 AM

Your account was suspended for causing high server load. I have unsuspended your account, but please try to limit the load you put on our servers as it slows down not only your site, but the sites of all other HelioHost users sharing your server.

If you still see the suspended page, please clear your cache.

#101076 [Answered] Sign-In Within 30 Days To Avoid Suspension

Posted by jje on 13 March 2014 - 04:48 PM

Hi juris,

Yes, logging in at stevie.heliohost.org:2082 will also be recognised as a login and will renew your account. :)


#100940 [Answered] Disk Space Usage Being Shown As High

Posted by jje on 01 March 2014 - 08:26 AM

its because of some malware, could that be the reason??

Definitely not. :) All the core dump script does is match and delete files; no way could it inject malware or open a backdoor for malware.

its giving an internal server error

When I go to the link provided I see a blank page, not an Internal Server Error. I took a quick look at the script, and it looks like it's simply not finding any files - there are no core files to actually delete, so it's not outputting anything. Your account's clean. ;)

#80071 How We Use Cookies On Heliohost And Helionet

Posted by jje on 26 May 2012 - 11:34 AM

A new European law is coming into force which means that websites must make their users aware of what cookies are and receive some form of consent. Although HelioNetworks (HelioHost and HelioNet) is based within the United States, I would like to clarify how we use cookies at HelioNetworks. By using our services and browsing our website, you are giving consent for us to place cookies on your computer.

In case you are not already aware, cookies are little pieces of information that are placed on your computer. We use cookies for a variety of reasons, such as analytics, secure logins, etc.

Below is a list of cookies which we have picked up on. Please be aware there may be more that we have not noticed. The below list my change at any time without notification

Cookies from heliohost.org
A randomly generated session cookie

Cookies from helionet.org

Cookies from cPanel (stevie.heliohost.org:2082, johnny.heliohost.org:2082, etc)

Cookies from doubleclick.net (Advertising - see the website for details if any)

Cookies from getclicky.com & in.getclicky.com & static.getclicky.com (Analytics - see the website for details if any)

Cookies from invitemedia.com (Advertising - see the website for details if any)

Comments are welcome. Thank you very much.

HelioNetworks Administrator

#74480 Fraudulent Domain - Thepalacegardenhotel.com

Posted by jje on 27 November 2011 - 08:55 AM

That domain is no longer pointing to HelioHost's nameservers.

#62603 Official HelioHost Wiki

Posted by jje on 16 April 2011 - 09:47 AM

We are proud to announce the release of the brand new

Official HelioHost Wiki

This brand new wiki contains articles which answer many of the commonly asked questions which people ask on HelioNet as well as troubleshooting solutions.

Furthermore, the articles constructed on the wiki are written and created by users like yourself who like to share their experiences with the community.

Take a look... wiki.helionet.org

To contribute to the wiki, you will need more than 20 posts on HelioNet. If you have 20 posts or more, and you wish to contribute, then please reply to this topic with your cPanel username, and I will PM you with a changeable username and password.

We also value your feedback - please reply to this topic with any questions or feedback.


#59268 Stevie and Jhonny

Posted by jje on 28 February 2011 - 08:45 PM

Glad you aprreciate HelioHost's services. biggrin.gif

Who knows - you could become a Support Admin someday, just by simply helping people out. It happend to me!! laugh.gif

#59051 [Solved] How can I point my domain to Heliohost.org?

Posted by jje on 25 February 2011 - 06:19 PM

Don't worry - this is a fairly easy process. There is no need to bother about IP stuff, just enter the following nameservers:

Then, in cPanel, go to 'Parked Domains' and add your domain from there.

Voila! You're domain will be working in 24 hours! biggrin.gif