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#123375 Is There A Cmf Like What I Want To? Should I Develop One?

Posted by cesaredupet on 22 December 2016 - 02:25 AM

I'm looking for something that works like this: I already have my pages coded and want to add element like an articles feed, some spaces that can be edited online once logged into the admin account, like most CMSs, only not restricted to a template. Something that I can add a <? include 'cmf/connection.php'; ?> on the top of the page, a <? display_feed('feedXYZ'); ?> in the middle of the code and a GUI in a admin page to manage it, besides the on-page editor.
For all i've looked so far, it should be classified as a CMF, but the documentation of the CMFs I'm founding doesn't seem like anything I want. So I already sketched out some ideas to provide what I want and even more.

Do you guys know something like it? If you don't, would you use something like it? Is it worth the time developing it?